Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - Week 3

This week was tough.  Between being just overly busy and coming down with a cold I was not nearly as "great" as I should have been.

I did accomplish my goal of make sure I drank more water, while I am not sure it was my 8 glasses a day, it was at least 6 which is a huge improvement.  

My exercise was Tuesday (grocery shopping), Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday walking.  See the big Fri-Sun off, I'm not proud of that, LOL.

This week, I am going to wake up 30 mins earlier and start a morning yoga (Mon-Fri only) to start my day off feeling better. I am going to start taking my vitamins and meds (just for my thyroid) again and make my morning coffee a 1/2 cup instead of a full because my creamer is so not good for me, LOL. This will also help me drink more water at work.  I want to increase my walk time to 40 minutes as well.

My net average calorie intake was 1108 which is better than last week, I'm very happy with that!  I did weigh in Saturday at 138 so that was completely positive and helps keep me motivated, which is so hard when you are feeling crappy!


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