Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - Week 3

This week was tough.  Between being just overly busy and coming down with a cold I was not nearly as "great" as I should have been.

I did accomplish my goal of make sure I drank more water, while I am not sure it was my 8 glasses a day, it was at least 6 which is a huge improvement.  

My exercise was Tuesday (grocery shopping), Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday walking.  See the big Fri-Sun off, I'm not proud of that, LOL.

This week, I am going to wake up 30 mins earlier and start a morning yoga (Mon-Fri only) to start my day off feeling better. I am going to start taking my vitamins and meds (just for my thyroid) again and make my morning coffee a 1/2 cup instead of a full because my creamer is so not good for me, LOL. This will also help me drink more water at work.  I want to increase my walk time to 40 minutes as well.

My net average calorie intake was 1108 which is better than last week, I'm very happy with that!  I did weigh in Saturday at 138 so that was completely positive and helps keep me motivated, which is so hard when you are feeling crappy!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 - Week 2

Ok so, here are pictures from 1/4/2013.

Lots of toning needed, some weight to loose...I will update pictures monthly.

So in week one: I started logging my food.  I find this very important to keep myself in check.  I also started walking (30 mins 1.8 miles), Went out Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.  On Friday, I realized that I really need to stretch after my walks, so incorporated that.  I also do push-ups and sit-ups   Not as many as I should, but I am very scared of over-pushing.  On Wednesday, I had gone grocery and otherwise shopping, so between lifting and walking around, I just let that be my exercise.  On Thursday it was raining and then again on Monday.  So on Monday instead of taking the day off, I found this great, lower impact indoor workout that I really did not need any equipment for.  It is here http://www.healthyfood.co.nz/articles/2008/september/the-30-minute-indoor-workout-that-works. It pushed me harder than I was expecting and I really didn't get through the whole thing, I did 25 mins of the 30ish that it is supposed to take. Slept on my heating pad and actually feel good today.    

According to my Everyday Health journal app, my net daily calorie intake should be 1450...I almost never eat that much and when I do, I feel so over stuffed it isn't funny.  Normally my gross intake is right at that 1200ish.  I like these sort of apps cause it isn't just the calories they track, it is the other important things to me: fat intake, sugar, protein and fiber. I honestly should track more than that, but it is a start for now.  I do eat less, but I also have a hypo-active thyroid so for me it is what works.  Most people it does not. My average net number was only 906 calories per day.  This is probably too low even for me, will need to keep a better eye on that.

My goals this week besides getting back into house and kid routine while working more hours than I started with is to make sure I drink enough water.  It is a huge key to me in weight loss and feeling better and something I have been down right bad about.

Good news is: thus far, I haven't touched a smoke since before New Years and no desire to either! Yay.

My app had me weigh in on Saturday so I am now following that, however, from 1/1/13 at 141 on Saturday 1/5/13 I was at 139.  Yay holiday weight is gone.  Now for the 13 happy lbs I put on since April last year. Then we can start to focus on the rest.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 - Week One

      I'm not a huge resolution person, but I really want to be the best person I can be, for myself, my husband, my kids and overall quality of life. So my goals and life changes I would like to make this year are fairly simple but as a way to hold myself accountable this is how I have chosen.

     My goals are simple:

            1. Improve myself
                      a.  No more sneaking of a cig when I am stressed (I smoked for many years, then quit for 4 years and then for the last 2 or so it has mostly only been a when I am stressed thing)
                      b. Get happy with how I look.  I don't find myself ugly or fat, just need to be in better shapeand to tone.  Honestly, my happy weight is about 20 lbs away but it isn't about the number on the scale to me, that is just a bonus :) I want my husband to be proud of who he is with no matter how fixed up I am. I don't feel like he is not, but I want to make sure that continues for years to come.

             2. Charity and giving - while we aren't rich, I would like to find a way to volunteer more. I have to be careful not to overdo or plan to much.  I think this will be an easy thing to do, I just have to find a charity in town that like and support.

             3. Being a wife and mother - I only work part time for extra spending money so, being a wife and mom are my number one priorities. I want to be the best I can at both things.  I enjoy taking care of our home and cooking new things.  I enjoy being crafty but do want to dedicate more of my time to being so.  I want to be there for my family for anything they need or want.

             4. My job - as I mentioned it is only part time.  But I have been extremely lucky in finding a great work environment and a good boss.  I need to keep my focus while I am there and appreciate what the job offers me and return the favor.  I tend to get unmotivated at work after a while but want to keep things fresh so that doesn't happen.

     So to achieve these goals, which are all reasonable and if done for long enough will be life changes I have to schedule.  I work best like that.  I set everything as an appointment and do my best to keep those.  From working out to cooking dinner, a house cleaning schedule.  I have found I really do best when I log my food as well, so I will do that, really lets things stare you in the face when you think you are eating  properly and really aren't.  As I figure out what is working I will post it.  For this first week, my plan was light work outs and start logging food.  I've taken some pictures to use as motivation as well.  I will post those next week.  I will update here weekly with my food and activities logs.  My week is starting on Tuesdays as that is when the 1st was this year.

This blog is more for me, but if you have any comments please feel free, I am always open to suggestions.